L. Marvin Metz

Operation Oslo


Tom Stone makes his thrilling return in the 24th entry of his Europa Nights Adventure series

  Time is running out for Tom Stone, again.  Forced into hiding after the explosive events in Prague, Stone makes his way to Norway by hang glider and assumes a new identity - Tör Hämmærsøn, cod fisherman.  In the sleepy northern town of Brønňøysůnd, he keeps a low profile, spending his days alone among the fjords and his nights drinking glogg in the Døde Tørsken.  Haunted by dark memories, he considers sailing his Nordlandsbåt toward the Arctic and never returning to society, but then a new barmaid arrives at the Døde Tørsken.  After an evening of delicious banter, Grætchën Hålvørsøn invites the rugged and lonely fisherman to her home by the water, and there, after a long night of passionate lovemaking,  Tör Hämmærsøn lets down his guard and reveals that he is actually Tom Stone, man on the run, wanted by both the CIA, for a series of administrative oversights, and Black Vault, the international syndicate of crypto-fascists who have placed a ten million dollar bounty on his head for killing seventeen of their operatives in Prague, including Pavel Rosicky, his former best friend. After making love several more times, Grætchën reveals that she, too, is keeping a secret. She is hiding out from gangsters in Oslo, who murdered her entire family after her father failed to pay back a small loan he needed to save his struggling lutefisk restaurant.  Stone, filled with a new sense of lust and moral purpose, vows revenge.  He travels to Oslo with Grætchën and soon finds that he has walked into a trap.  Has he been betrayed, once again, by a beautiful blonde paramour? Or is Grætchën just a pawn in a twisted game being played by shadowy forces she will never understand? Now Stone only has thirty six hours to terminate the Oslo chapter of Black Vault, decipher the Hul Jord Codex, and expel via his uretha the microscopic nuclear bomb that has been injected into his kidney. Tick, tock, tick, tock....


“Pure adrenaline. The non-stop action will keep the reader turning pages well into the night, but Metz deserves just as much credit for the beauty of his prose, which is pristine and muscular and filled with a violent and terrifying music” - Publisher’s Monthly  

“Tom Stone's sojourn into the Norwegian hinterland illuminates the emotional depth of our hero. Here we get a rate glimpse into his more vulnerable side, which can be traced back to his childhood in New England, where he came of age in a orphanage after his parents were murdered by a drifter named Frosty Van Buren. The 257 page flashback that recounts these gruesome and heartbreaking events will move even the most jaded reader to tears.” - The Dallas Mail  

“Joyce called it an 'epiphany'. Metz calls it a 'truthgasm'. It doesn't matter which term you use, because both writers transfigure ordinary life, whether it's a summer day in Dublin long ago, or a life or death crossbow fight taking place on the roof of a skyscraper.” - Lit Mirror

“Careful readers will see that beneath the breathless action and non-stop violence, Metz has constructed a modern day retelling of Ben Jonson's Volpone” - The Times