L. Marvin Metz

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Tom Stone makes his thrilling return in the 23rd entry of his Europa Nights Adventure series

Time is running out for Tom Stone. Cut loose, once again, by the CIA,  for not following orders, he finds himself in Prague, giving a university lecture on the Imaginary Prisons of Piranesi. Afterward, during the wine and cheese reception, the night takes a sexy turn when he is approached by a beautiful and seductive co-ed, Eva Nedved. Soon their romance blossoms in the shadows of the Old Town, but it is all a trap. After a long night of passionate lovemaking, Tom discovers that Eva talks in her sleep. She reveals that she is not an Art History student, but an operative for Black Vault, the international syndicate of crypto-fascists bent on destroying the West. She further reveals that Tom Stone is merely a pawn in their twisted game to acquire the elusive Armillary of Antioch, whose golden congerie of spheres might contain the secret of perpetual motion, if the legends are true. She goes on to reveal, even further, that she has seduced Pavel Nevedsky, Stone’s oldest friend and ally, and turned him into an agent of Black Vault. Also, that during the course of their lovemaking a few hours earlier she injected Stone with a virus that can only be cured by an antidote possessed by a blind mystic who lives naked and alone in the city’s catacombs. Now the clock is ticking. Stone has only thirty six hours to find and deprogram Pavel, destroy the virus living inside him, and save Europe, once again, from nuclear annihilation. Tick, tock, tick, tock.....


“Adventure, thy name is Tom Stone. Once again, Metz unleashes his full arsenal of high-stakes, high-octane action, leaving his readers breathless and wanting more.” - Publisher’s Monthly  

“Tom Stone’s descent into the underworld of Prague marks an electrifying new phase of his Europa adventure. Whether he is crawling through the catacombs, defusing a bomb, gunning down a rival in a moonlit alley, or giving an impromptu disquisition on the origins of the Baroque tradition, Tom Stone always delivers the goods.” - The Dallas Mail  

“Yes, his books are full of sex and violence, but these merely adorn the complex plots and beautifully subtle characterizations that define the universe of Tom Stone. On every page Metz captures the zeitgeist.” - Lit Mirror  

“Gripping, transcendent....his best work since The Rostock Rendezvous. Metz is a master of detail, and what sets him apart from his peers, on every page, is his willingness to spend multiple paragraphs and even chapters describing the mechanics of a gun, or a satellite-mounted death ray, or how the curves of a cello remind him of his first wife, who disappeared during their honeymoon in Acapulco.” - The Times  

“Tom Stone is back! And this time he brought with him a hang-glider, twenty-five pounds of C4 explosives, and his bottomless thirst for peace.” - The Journal Review